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Thinking Time: The Lost Art

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Ideas. Feedback. Thoughts. Perspective.

We are asked for this on a daily and most often, hourly basis.

The world has changed. Human patterns have shifted and for the sake of growth or even survival, reputable brands must react with a response that is not only strategic, but thoughtful.

In many ways, the new reality is refreshing. We can now distinguish pine tree varieties. If you don’t hike on the weekend, you’re not Canadian.

We all really know our neighbours.

However, with this dramatic change, brings new and continued socioeconomic challenges, key sectors rising and others falling, businesses facing new and unconventional trajectories to success, digital overload and a history that warrants space, time and reflection. We continue to be a complicated Canada.

Finding the balance between the frantic and the thoughtful is not easy.

My CEO raised this with me recently. When is your thinking time?

A thoughtful question I couldn’t really answer.

We have read about the value of daydreaming and time out from social media. But the absolute luxury of truly letting your mind escape to read, observe, think, organize, reflect and then jot down your best is something that is theorized and supported but let’s be honest, easier said than done. We click from tab to tab, glance down to a series of texts and slacks and then dive into unread emails and DMs. Rinse and repeat.

I hope my reflection challenges you to find that undedicated time. A spin class or a meditation app don't count. Our best work will come from the gift of time we give ourselves and the blank space to imagine. And you won’t be reading this.

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